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TRICO® Times Square Advertisements Aim to Place Driver Visibility Top-of-Mind

(Rochester Hills, Michigan)  – As an initiative to help build awareness of the importance of proactive wiper replacement, TRICO® will be running a series of advertisements on the famed Times Square billboard displays throughout the month of December. The goal is to remind drivers to prepare their vehicles for potentially hazardous driving conditions throughout the winter—before adverse weather hits.

“Unfortunately, many drivers don’t realize their vehicle is in need of wiper blades until they are in a position where they cannot see or are in unsafe driving conditions,” said Dawn Gonzalez, brand manager at Trico Products Corporation. “Because of this, TRICO is dedicated to expanding awareness for proactive wiper replacement as a way to help ensure safety on the road.”

Wiper blade replacement is a key vehicle maintenance checklist item, especially as the seasons change. And since winter climates vary greatly across regions, TRICO offers a wide range of industry-leading wiper blade solutions to protect drivers in all weather conditions.

The Times Square advertisements also announce the countdown to TRICO’s 100th Year Anniversary celebration, which will officially begin in 2017. This important milestone serves as a testament to the company’s longstanding reputation as a leading manufacturer of innovative, safe and reliable wiper blade solutions.

As one of the most iconic New Year’s Eve countdown venues in North America, Times Square serves as the ideal location to build excitement surrounding the company’s anniversary celebration.

For nearly 100 years, Trico Products Corporation has been one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wiper blade products and systems with major operations in Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe. TRICO develops advanced wiper technologies for vehicle manufacturers and drivers worldwide. Our research and development team carries on the proud TRICO tradition of designing wiper blades with leading innovative technologies to ensure maximum durability and improved visibility. For more information on TRICO® wiper product lines, please contact Trico Products Corporation at 1-800-388-7426, or visit