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Trico Products Corporation Celebrates 100 Years of Wiper Blade Innovation

(Rochester Hills, Michigan) – Trico Products Corporation is celebrating its 100th year anniversary—a significant milestone commemorating the company’s longstanding reputation as a leading manufacturer of innovative, safe and reliable windshield wiper solutions.

A pioneer in the industry, TRICO® manufactured its first wiper blade in 1917. A hundred years and more than 1,000 patents later, TRICO produces one of the most comprehensive offerings of wiper blade solutions across the consumer, trade and OEM channels. In addition to opening several facilities throughout North America, the company has spent the past century expanding globally, opening divisions in the United Kingdom, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and China.

“TRICO’s 100th Year Anniversary gives us the opportunity to not only celebrate the success of the company, but also reflect on the fact that our products have been helping drivers stay safe on the road for many years,” said James Croston, global director of aftermarket marketing at TRICO. “Developing wiper systems that help enhance driver visibility and safety has always been our number one priority.”

Along with providing advanced wiper blade solutions for all weather conditions and environments, TRICO remains focused on educating drivers about the importance of yearly wiper blade replacement. Clear visibility while driving is critical, especially during inclement weather. By replacing their vehicle’s wiper blades each year, drivers can prepare for the unexpected—rather than realize their wipers aren’t performing properly at a moment of need.

To find out more about TRICO’s history and how far wiper blade design has advanced in the last century, watch this video: TRICO Wiper Blades: A Century of Seeing You Through. And to learn more about TRICO’s diverse lines of wiper blade products, visit

For 100 years, Trico Products Corporation has been one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wiper blade products and systems with major operations in Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe. TRICO develops advanced wiper technologies for vehicle manufacturers and drivers worldwide. Our research and development team carries on the proud TRICO tradition of designing wiper blades with leading innovative technologies to ensure maximum durability and improved visibility. For more information on TRICO® wiper product lines, please contact Trico Products Corporation at 1-800-388-7426, or visit