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Wiper Blades

TRICO manufactures a variety of wiper blades to support different vehicle lines and meet varying weather conditions. TRICO manufactures approximately over 45 million blades annually. Some of our popular blade introductions are as follows:

  • Beam Blades - Extremely low profile, bracketless blade delivers unmatched styling and performance
  • Eurasian - Conventional metal
  • Series 2000 Wiper Blades - The North American warranty cost buster
  • Global 1 - Supports Left Hand and Right Hand Drive systems

These same windshield wiper blades that we manufacturer for the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers around the world are used in our consumer replacement blade lines. To find out which replacement blade is best for your vehicle, review our Aftermarket blade offerings or check the online catalog.

CAD images of Trico original equipment wiper blades - Series 2000, Global I, and Eurasian