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Sales Tips

At TRICO, our goal is to help you succeed. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you provide services that will keep your customers coming back. 

Chart showing trend of increasing usage of beam blades on new vehicle modelsCarry beam blades

Nearly 60% of new vehicle modles come equipped with beam-style blades and this trend will continue to grow every year. That means many of your customers already have premium blades on their vehicles, and you don’t want them to step down to a conventional blade. Give them the quality they expect and the performance they need.

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Always sell the best 

Always start by offering your customers premium blades (unless it’s inappropriate for the customer’s vehicle). Beam blades are better in many ways – they’re the latest in wiper technology and have an infinite number of pressure points for superior wiping performance – and your customers will appreciate knowing you’re looking out for their safety.

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Image of TRICO Exact Fit Rear wiper bladeDon’t forget the rear blade

More than 54 million vehicles on the road have rear integral or beam blades, which should be changed just as often as the front wipers. However, most drivers only change their rear blade once every five years or so, providing you with a great opportunity to help your customers and win their loyalty.

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Four TRICO Exact Fit wiper blade packagesGive them original factory quality

Consumers want their vehicles to look and perform like when they were new, and TRICO Exact Fit® replacement blades make it easy to restore your customers’ vehicles to original factory quality. Each part number is manufactured specifically to fit the vehicle with pre-assembled connectors for quick and easy wiper replacement every time. Whether conventional, beam, hybrid or rear blade style, TRICO Exact Fit has you covered.

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Image showing TRICO View glass treatment before and after on a windshieldGlass treatment: 360 degree view

TRICO View® is a professional grade glass treatment tested to last up to six times longer than leading silicone-based glass treatments. It provides a clear 360 degree view for the safest driving environment for your customers and is packaged in easy-to-use bulk kits for you. It’s all about your customers’ driving control and keeping them and their passengers safe.

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Image of TRICO wiper blade mobile display merchandiserCustomer access: Displays

It’s been proven that displays prompt purchases, since they provide important information right at the moment of decision.

  • Place a merchandiser display stocked with wipers in your customer waiting area or near the register. 
  • On rainy and snowy days, roll out a mobile rack in front of the entrance door, as bad weather helps magnify the need for wipers.
  • Always keep your displays in good appearance and have them stocked.

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