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"Thank you for manufacturing the TRICO Ultra blade in the USA. I wish there were more models that are Made in the USA and that more retailers would carry them. I will be sure to pass this information to my family and friends who insist on buying Made in the USA products." Consumer - Dan G.

"I have been waiting my entire 44-year driving life for someone's engineering department to get it right on ease of replacement of windshield wiper blades. You have done it with your new Teflon® SHIELD® blades."Consumer – Gary H. (Nokesville, VA)

“As an old dog who's been driving for over 45 years, I was skeptical about putting your TRICO NeoForm® wipers on my 2004 Ford Focus, but they were $5.00 off at Advance, so I thought ‘What the hey?’ The next morning it was raining as I left for work. WOW! They are great. If their durability approaches their effectiveness, then you guys have hit a Grand Slam. Finally someone has invented the windshield wiper."Consumer – Tom P. (Mooresville, NC)

"I am a parts counter salesman and would just like to say that I have sold hundreds, if not thousands, of TRICO® brand wipers and refills and have yet to have any customer return to my location with any problems. I also use TRICO brand wipers on my personal truck and will continue to as long as they are available to me. Thanks again."  TRICO Wiper Installer – Thomas T. (New Market, AL)

"As an avid recycler, I just wanted to say thanks for making your packaging to your Winter Wiper Blade (which is what I bought) out of recyclable PETE plastic. It was a pleasant surprise."Consumer – Alan K.

"Just wanted to say that I've tried every wiper blade on the market and the TRICO® Teflon® SHIELD® is the best made." Consumer – Jay H. (Virginia)

"I want to let you know how pleased I was with the packaging of the wipers I bought. I was able to open the package without any trouble and install the blades in no time at all." Consumer – Arnold G. (Vallejo, CA) 

“TRICO wiper blades do a great job and are affordably priced. With my daughter just starting to drive, that's very important to me. I will continue to use your products. Again, thanks.”Consumer – Barry Eck (New Jersey)

“I broke an adaptor while installing a new set of blades so I contacted TRICO. Thank you, what a great response (arrived today). You can count on the brand I will use and I will let all my friends and family know about the customer service. They did the trick and fit like a glove.”Consumer – John H.

“The staff at Advance Auto Parts replaced my TRICO blades at no cost to me! I love your products and appreciated your fast reply. Great service, TRICO. Secured me as a return customer!” Consumer – Adam F. (Springfield, MA)

“I just want to say , "THANKS for making such a BIG difference in my driving pleasure. Your wipers not only look great on my black '94 Ranger, but they CLEAN the windshield – no water lines or smear. Keep up the good work.”Consumer – Nathan Pinnix (Greensboro, NC)