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Beam Blades

For premium performance wiper blades, TRICO brings you the latest in beam blade technology.

TRICO Force® Wiper Blades TRICO NeoForm® Wiper Blades TRICO Tech® Wiper Blades
TRICO Pro® Wiper Blades

Hybrid Technology

The perfect union of conventional and beam blades, TRICO Dual-Shield® Hybrid Technology delivers superior performance. A powerful polymer shell protects the blade from the elements while the spring steel beam structure provides optimal windshield contact, offering both style and performance.

TRICO Sentry® Wiper Blades TRICO Shield™ Wiper Blades

Factory Replacement

Restore your vehicle's windshield wipers back to original factory performance with TRICO Exact Fit® factory replacement windshield wiper blades.

TRICO Exact Fit® Wiper Blades

Universal Fit

The unique adaptors in this wiper line provide full coverage for the majority of applications. Learn more about the TRICO Tech® and TRICO® wiper blades.

TRICO Tech® Wiper Blades TRICO® Wiper Blades

Extreme Weather

Engineered to handle even the most severe weather conditions, these wiper blades are exceptionally durable and resist snow and ice build-up when your customers need it most.

TRICO Ice® Wiper Blades TRICO Chill® Wiper Blades

More Products

From heavy duty to vintage car wiper blades to wiper refills, windshield washer pumps and glass treatment, TRICO has an incredible selection of visibility products to ensure your customers get the best performance for their specific needs.