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More Products

From heavy duty to vintage car wiper blades to wiper refills, windshield washer pumps and glass treatment, TRICO has an incredible selection of visibility products to ensure your customers get the best performance for their specific needs.

More Products

TRICO Classic™

TRICO Classic™ wiper blades feature a silver finish to resemble the original equipment blades on many of the classic American cars.



More customers rely on TRICO HD™ than any other manufacturer when it comes to heavy duty blades, arms & refills for trucks, buses & RVs.



With a full line of windshield wiper blades, refills and arms, TRICO has the wiper products for virtually all of your Recreational Vehicle (RV) needs.


TRICO® wiper refills

Trust TRICO when it's time to replace the rubber wiping element on your wiper blades. Available for TRICO, OE and competitive blades.


TRICO Spray™

TRICO offers a universal washer pump, a reservoir and pump kit and a full line of washer pumps to help make windshield washer repairs quick and easy.


TRICO View® Glass Treatment

TRICO View® lasts up to six times longer than the leading glass treatments on the market and chemically bonds directly to your windshield's glass.